Shake N Bake
Shake N Bake

Beastmode x Tundra x Lithium x Unleaded
5 Shots of Unleaded with 1 Shot of Burn has made for quite a predictable specimen.  Our keeper ram from our 2016 Fall lambing that pulls our Unleaded lines back in to make crazy crazy Hips and rumps, Amazingly over the Top Fury legs, and the Burn balance and design that he is known for.  We had a close encounter with losing him after weaning which took us a little longer to get babies out of him, but after seeing them hit the ground, he has a exciting future with our program to give our lined up Burn genetics a little outcross without losing the consistency we are known for.. 





Ladies Man
Ladies Man

Shower Chicken x "Lady" - Bonafide x Papparazzi x LSU





Bush League
Bush League

Unleaded x Smoke





El Nino

Dirty Banana x Screwball x Poison





Drop The MicDrop The Mic
Drop the Mic

Anarchy x Burn x Unleaded
We've been accused of being a bit bander happy. We realize that winning shows takes a special one. There's a huge feeling of accomplishment when you watch a judge at a major show pick up the microphone and tell everyone just how special a lamb you raised is. Drop the Mic is the "ONE" that I just couldn't make myself do it to. He has the combination of the ring presence and elegence of Straka's Grand at OYE, the power and smoothness of Fraize's Reserve Grand at San Antonio, and the crazy silhouette and shag of Amstutz's Grand at Ohio State Fair all wrapped up into a package that he makes his own. He doesn't live in a world of extreme's like most of our ram battery, but when you walk into our ram barn, you'll understand that putting down the bander, was the best move with "Drop the Mic"

Drop The MicDrop The Mic
Left to Right:
Reserve Grand Ewe 2015 AZ National - Sister to Drop The Mic,
Anarchy - Sire of Drop The Mic





Artic InvasionArtic Invasion
Kobra Kai
Anarchy x RSC3635 (Burn x Unleaded)

With the Success we've had with Drop the Mic, we doubled down on the Anarchy x Burn x Unleaded lineage and made another addition to our stud battery with Kobra Kai. In a barn full of studs, Kobra bring arrogance and cockiness walking around the pen to a whole new level. He has a dash of color, a complete wool cap and chops, with that exotic shape and athleticism that is making its way back into the showring. We like Kobra Kai!






Beastmode x Angry Dragon's Sister (Burn x Scarlett J)
People who know us realize that we hate plain sheep. Wether your looking at babies with us in the pen or watching a market show, that is just not our kind. Which translates over to the extremes in the rams we keep back for our program. So just when we thought we couldn't make one any crazier in their rib cage, just when we thought we had maxed out width, muscle, and expression, and just when we thought we had plenty of shag... We lined things up just a little tighter and came up with a couple exotic built ewe lambs and one male, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder aka O.C.D. O.C.D. may be the furthest thing from plain we have ever raised. His dad was a freak, his mother was a freak, his aunt was a freak, his sister's are freaks, he is a freak.
Left to Right:
Beastmode - Sire of O.C.D., - Dam of O.C.D - 6th Overall HYSLC

Left to Right:
Flushmates to O.C.D. - Reserve Grand Ewe OK State Fair, Grand Overall Arkansas State Fair, 3rd Overall Sun's Out Gun's Out






Burn x Fat Amy (RSC2643 Unleaded x Unleaded)

Being built right is something we have never sacrificed in our look. Correct, moderate, fuctional and the ability to stay together on the move are keys to the success of our progam. We don’t normally get over excited about buck lambs, but it’s hard not to get giddy when you walk out and see this guy strutting around the pen. They just haven’t made lambs this correct and this thick, until now.. His mother “Fat Amy” raised our keeper ram Prairie Fire on her first pregnancy. Before losing him, we got some of the craziest muscled, shaggiest footed lambs to date. Then in 2014 we flushed her twice having donor caliber females out of Rack City and Burn, then one male… Beastmode Beastmode’s positive pieces are simply over the TOP! MUSCLE, RIB, SHAG, FLANK, and the Shroppiest appearing head we’ve ever seen... Wether you like skeletal quality, picture perfect silhouettes, or shag, bone, and muscle there’s just not a reason you won’t get excited about him to.
To put it simply, he is just a Beast!




Rogue NationRogue Nation
Rogue Nation

Beastmode x Maker




Kobra Kai
Artic Invasion
Polar x RSC-F3176 (Double Down x Mustang Sally)

People ask us how we know which rams to keep and which ones to cut and sell. Well there's not really an exact science to it and sometimes its all about timing. F3176 had one of our favorite little buck lambs in 2014, which we made the soon regrettable decision to cut. After spending 3/4 of the year thinking we were complete idiots, that lamb "Wazoo", won Oklahoma Youth Expo for Lydia Straka. So we felt better about the decision. In 2015, F3176 flushed low numbers, so again we were down in the dumps about our previous decision. Then lambing season came and out came Artic Invasion. Pedigree alone, he needed to be kept to help broaden Polar Vortex's quick success, but the fact that he was an immediate freak in his build and pieces, made the decision to keep him for ourselves one of the easiest things we have ever done. Come see for yourself what the next step in the storm is all about..





Polar Vortex
Polar Vortex
Donkey Punch X Unleaded

Owned with Neff Livestock

We are always looking for that one who will send chills down your spine. I think it's safe to say we found one to fit the bill. POLAR VORTEX'S antagonistic traits truly make him a unique specimen.
The ones that are this big legged and massive hipped are usually plainer upfront. Not the case here. He's truly pulling a dump truck rear end with a Ferrari front. Not to mention his natural fill
and flank that only enhances his proportionality from the side. This guy has the running gear to take things to the next level.

Flushmates to Polar Vortex
Left: Grand Market Lamb, 2014 Tulsa State Fair
Right: 3rd Overall Market Lamb, 2014 HYSLC Fall Classic & 4th Overall Market Lamb, 2014 HYSLC Fall Futurity




Angry Dragon
Angry Dragon
Burn x Unleaded x Signature
Full Brother to Donkey Punch & Rack City

Donkey Punch & Rack City blend the Burn & Unleaded lines into two of the industry's most sought after packages. Burn has set himself apart as the most consistent ram we have ever used winning multiple shows, by multiple showman, from multiple states across the nation. Let alone his half interest keeper buck lamb starting line-up that is unprecented coming out of such a young sire. Donkey Punch & Rack City's dam (a flushmate to Motorboat) is quickly becoming one of the industry's most consistent hitters, as her first lamb was Rachel Chabot's Highly Popular 2nd Place wether in San Antonio in 2013, a maternal brother to Donkey Punch & Rack City. These 2 studs hail from hands down, the most consistent, prolific flush to date at RSC.

Donkey Punch & Rack City’s flushmates include:

• Madison Rule's Grand - South Dakota Summer Spectacular
• Jadie Hargrove's Grand - Belt Buckle Bonanza
• Madison Rule's Champion Hamp @ SD Spotlight
• Madison Rule's Reserve Commercial Ewe @ Iowa State University's B&B Show
• Madison Rule's Reserve Champion Heavy Division winner @ South Dakota State Fair
• Caleb Whitcomb's Reserve Grand - Premier Lamb Challeng
• Caleb Whitcomb's 7th Overall at the HYSLC Grand Finale
• Cody Laughton's Grand - Plymouth County Fair
• Kamden Urban’s lead wether in his Winter/Spring set

Donkey PunchDonkey Punch
Study these two flushmates from the ground up, they are big footed, over the top fuzzy legged and sound as a cat.
Take that up into a shallow chested, impeccably balanced body back into a monster hip and stifle shape you'd normally not find in one built this way. We love the added
width Donkey brings to the table, and the extreme shallowness & incredible rack shape Rack City possesses. Here's your next step to take your program to the next level!

Donkey PunchDonkey PunchDonkey PunchDonkey Punch





Unleaded x Ms Crip
Miyagi MiyagiMiyagiMiyagi
Left to Right:
2013 Grand Ram at Sedalia - Maternal Sib, 2014 Grand Ram at Reno - Maternal Sib, Skidgel's Addiction - Full Sib, Grand at OK State Fair - Full Sib,





Burn Burn
Burn BurnBurnBurnBurn

Swagger x Miller

Owned with MacLennan Club Lambs

There is really no good place to begin when putting together a write up on a sheep who has already created as much talk and excitement as any buck lamb in recent history. "Burn" is a genetic giant when you consider our industry is at a cross roads trying to decide what is more important, skeletal quality and balance OR moderation, bone, and muscle.

We present to you the most dynamic combination of the two kinds that is possible to generate. He has every unique balance aspect that made his father, Swagger, an instant success as a sire of major champions. While at the same time his Miller roots on his maternal side shine thru with everything that can be considered "Current". Simply put, there is not another one like him in the country. You can study his video and decide for yourself which combination of elite traits you feel makes him the standout that he has always been.

His mother is a rare female that exemplifies the very words "Stud Ewe".
In just her first two lamb crops she has generated over $75,000 on 3 head of natural born lambs.

In his first breeding season, Burn was used extensively by both Rule Sheep Co. and MacLennan Club Lambs and if all goes as planned there will be “Burn” lambs out of 400+ of the most elite females from both flocks.

We have made a commitment not to flood the market with sons in his inaugural season and plan to band most of the very best ones.
Call as early as possible to get in on the most exciting young sire in the country!





  Pimp Juice

Bullet Proof x Panda x (Unleaded x MGM's Dam)



2nd Degree

Rack City x Burn

Owned with Casarotti Club Lambs

Burn x Janet (Unleaded x Mass Destruction)

Owned with Berry Farms


Burn x Janet (Unleaded x Mass Destruction)

Owned with Farrow Hampshires



Donkey Punch x Bullet (Madison's Show Ewe)
Rack City

Sired by Burn
The following are Flushmates to Rack City:
•Angry Dragon
•Donkey Punch
•Reserve Grand - Arkansas State Fair
•Grand - Belt Buckle Bonanza
•Grand - South Dakota Spotlight
•Reserve Grand - Premier Challenge
•Grand - Western Bonanza
•Class Winner - 2013 NAILE
•Buck sold to Newsom
Because I Can

Burn x Miller Master



Enron X Wang
If there is one ram in our program, that we couldn't be without, it would be Unleaded. In 2007, when he was born, Unleaded was a little too Thick, a little too Fuzzy, too Wide Based, and a little too Moderate in size, compared to what the industry was looking for. 3 years later, he has proven that he is exactly what the industry is looking for, and he has proven it both in the show ring and by the breeding stock he's produced. Wether you breed him to a slick legged suffolk, a soggy made hamp, or an Elliott Flush ewe,
Unleaded x "Brooklyn" Dale 365 (MVP x Daylight)
Unleaded x Trigger
Thank you to everyone for all of the positive
commernts on those who have been by to see him.



Unleaded x Unleaded
Tundra's dam was Alex Thompson's
2009 Grand Champion Lamb at the SD State Fair Open Show

Owned with AWTR

Care Bear
Young Jock x Six Bits x Livewire

He is so changer for hide, foot and shag, rib, and loin.
He is the biggest footed, fuzziest legged, most hamp
appearing ram in our barn.

Bred by Impact Hamps


Unleaded x Tonic
Unbelievable's dam is the twin sister to
Jade Terbush's 2007 Reserve Champion Natural at OYE





Unleaded x Unleaded
2013 April Keeper Ram Lamb

Raised & Owned with Demag Sheep Co.

Unleaded x MVP (Lithiums Mother)

Owned with Skidgel and Newton Club Lambs

Smooth Criminal
QRNN Trunk x Signature
All the Trunk power with the Signature look!

Owned with Begalka Livestock





Leverage x Composure
The $30,000 Allred/Elliott sensation
from the Midwest Stud Ram Sale.

Owned with Begalka Livestock & Simpson Livestock

Unleaded x Smartmoney x Enron

Half interest purchased by N&H Livestock

Signature x Tin Cup (twin brother to Phantom, maternal
brother to Champion Natural Ewe at Sedalia, maternal brother to Reserve Natural Ewe Midwest Elite, maternal brother
to Reserve Div II Arkansas State Fair)

Half interest purchased by Casarotti Club Lambs




Double Bred LSU
When we had the chance to purchase part of Titleist, we knew it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Simply put, sheep that CONSISTENTLY SIRE CHAMPIONS have a part in our program. As a ram lamb, Titleist sired the Reserve Grand Lamb at NAILE. In his second year, Titleist has already sired the 3rd Overall Hamp at Tulsa State Fair and the Reserve Division 5 Lamb at the Iowa State Fair. Although a bit of an outcross for us, we're betting 2011 might just be our best year yet. Owned with Dale Family Club Lambs

Outlook X HHH daughter

Owned with RCR

Smart Money
Champion Hampshire Ram
2007 Midwest Stud Ram Sale

Owned in Partnership with:
Rietema Show Lambs, Petzenhauser Club Lambs,
Clair Club Lambs, Terry Harland





Mass Destruction
Composure X 28's Mom
We purchased half interest of this ram in late 2007.

Owned in Partnership with Ellerbrock Club Lambs.

His Grandmother was one of Clay's
High Selling Ewe at the Corp Sale.

His Maternal Brother was Reserve Grand at both the I SU
Block and Bridle and NPCLA Grand Finale Show in 2007
for the Berry Family. His Full Sister was shown twice and
was Grand Champion at the NPCLA Grand Finale and
Reserve Grand at the South Dakota Born and Bred Show
in 2008. We think "Replica" is better than all of them combined.
Double Bred Masterpiece
Champion Yearling Hamp
2007 Midwest Stud Ram Sale




Incognito x Leverage
Protocol X 2100

Owned in Partnership with Allred/Elliott Club Lambs.
Torch X Showbox
We've always liked how Showbox worked on the maternal side,
especially with stamping that perfect hip and rib structure. This ram allows us to continue our Grand Slam genetics with a little extra expression, bone, and style.



Blue Cabaniss" X "Nick grandaughter"
It can only be assumed a scandal was in the mix
when a wether sire this exquisite emerges. This rare find was purchased pre-Sedalia from Ellerbrock Club Lambs. He brings the term balance to an advanced level. He is unmatched in his combination of style, extension and levelness of design. More importantly, the elevation and elegance his front end posses is unthinkable when coupled with the most impressive touch, rack shape, naturally square loin edge and leg dimension desired
by the Hampshire community.

Grand Slam X Studly II
In the spring of 2003 we visited numerous breeders to find the great one. Fortunately it only took the first trip to Johnson's to find Bambino. He was easily the one lamb that we could not live without. You can see this buck demands your attention with his unmatched pattern and style combined with the muscle shape and dimension that is expected from his genetics. This ram is maybe as genetically exciting as he is the ¾ brother to Brad Dale's Power Dunk ram and Ellerbrocks later purchased his twin brother that spring.
He Sired:
• Grand Champion Tulsa State Fair
• Reserve Grand Champion American Royal
• Reserve Grand Champion Oklahoma Summerfest
• Champion Hampshire Kansas State Fair
• 5th Overall Sioux Empire Farm Show
• 5th Overall Arkansas State Fair
Enron X H-Factor
Our Keeper March Ram Lamb from 2005.
He was the one that everyone wanted, but we wouldn't
let him leave the farm. He works great on hard made ewes
that need to add more bone, width of hip, and extension.



Ceasar X Cheyenne RRNN
Spartacus is a 3/4 hamp that was brought into the
flock to give us the touch and shape that we received from our Tonto daughters. The wethers have been selling extremely well this spring and have the profile to classify suffolk, but more mass, bone, and squareness than what is normally found in this drive.
Owned Jointly with Rietema Club
Major Concern
Ballistic X 2nd Cabaniss
Power with Pedigree. In the Spring of 2005, we selected MC for his amazing top shape, width, bone, mass, without sacrificing our shallow chest floors and athletic design. He runs back into our Hancock 411, 31, Time, 801 ewe base
Trademark X 277 Cabaniss
He was sold as a buck lamb prior to us getting to Clay's.
We were able to purchased him as a 4yr old from Wintex farms and are excited to the impact he will bring after the success we have been having with our Diablo (Trademark X 277) daughters. Twin brother to Simpson's Template.

Owned Jointly with Clair Club Lambs
and Rietema Club Lambs

Raised by Allred/Ellliott.




"HHH" X "15" QRNN
The one that has started all the commotion.
"XXX" is what the industry was asking for. Look hard, you will not find a hole in this sheep. As correct as he is in his structure and design, he is twice as thick and massive.
Big George
Time X 801 RRNN
(Pictured as a 6 yr old)
We purchased Big George in the Fall of 2000. He was selected as a maternal sire for for his unparalleled and flawless structure. He is one of the best legged, smoothest shouldered Hampshire rams out there, who stamps a butterfly rack, extreme loin edge and level hip. Even though he was purchased strictly for his maternal influence, the response that his wethers are getting in the show ring has made him invaluable!! We had two keeper buck lambs in 03; Diesel and Velocity.
Both were out of Big George females!!!
Tin Cup
Grand Slam X Trail Boss
Tin Cup has proved his ability to raise weathers that will win Majors. Tin Cup is without a doubt one of the shallowest chested, neatest ribbed sheep we have seen. He is an intriguing buck who's elevation and extension is only complimented by his added shape, tone and expression over his rack and through his lower leg.
Tin Cup has sired:
• Grand Champion Sioux Empire Show
• Reserve Natural OKC Youth Expo
• Reserve Suffolk Oklahoma State
Fair Reserve Grand NW District Oklahoma
• Reserve Grand Wichita Mtn. Classic
• 4th Natural OKC Youth Expo



Warrior x Fields 100
Sire of:
• 2002 Reserve Grand National Western
• 2001 Grand Champion National Western

Bred by Dale Family Club Lambs
Tonto X Mayer 22
Wahoo is the son of our legendary "TONTO" ram from Brad Dale. He is a blue 5/8 Hampshire sire that brings the best of both worlds to his lambs. He stamps a tremendous amount of expression and shape to his offspring, while his Hampshire base maintains their structure, bone, levelness, and underline. Wahoo's first lamb crop has recorded champions from North Carolina to California.
Wahoo was purchased by Fairley Farms in the Spring of "03".
H Factor
Tahoe X Time
H-Factor 's track record speaks for itself: Reserve
Grand Champion Tulsa State Fair Reserve Grand
Champion Houston Livestock Show Grand Champion
Kentucky State Fair Champion Hamp National Western
Grand Champion Ak-Sar-Ben



Trademark X 277
There is a reason why the "277" bloodline is in such demand.
It turns out champions. His mother, a show ring champion herself, was purchased for $1500 out of the Navajo Dispersal. Diablo is no exception. Elevated and elegant through his front end and rib cage, with an extreme amount of rack and pure power. In this industry there are rams, and then there are stud bucks. Diablo was truly a "STUD BUCK"!!
31 X 411 X 31
"HHH" was the start of our linebred 31 and 411 program.
Since then we have incorporated Diablo, Benchmark, XXX, and now Copyright. Using 6 Stud Bucks that all have 31 & 411 multiple times in their pedigree has allowed us to linebreed our ewes for that great hip structure, rib design.
Trademark X Uno
Leased from Allred/Elliott for the 2002 breeding season,
he brings and added consistency to our Hampshire line.
His sire's pedigree is identical to our deceased "HHH"
(31 X 411). His lambs should be massive in their hip and
very thick ended without sacrificing any look and rib design. Benchmark is now owned by All-American Club Lambs .



Magnum X Studly
Wang is the full brother to Johnson's 2002 National Western Grand Champion. He was purchased early from the farm in 2002. Wang is the epitome of muscle dimension and structure. He is enormous in his hip and stifle, huge loined, extreme in his rack and length of body, with an unbelievable rib shape

Sold to Hewitt Rowland
Studly I x 1657 (Mayer Daughter)
"Ritz" is the twin brother to Johnson's Scooter ram.
Ritz produced:
• 2000 Reserve Grand Louisana State Fair
• 2000 Reserve Suffolk 4-H American Royal
• 2001 Champion Hamp Colorado State Fair
• 2000 Reserve Cross Lousiana State Fair
Navajo 23
Time Grandson X Cabaniss 89er

"23" is the foundation of our Hampshire based flock.
We kept approximately 25 ewe lambs out of him. They have continued to prove their value each year at lambing season.



Rule Sheep Co.
Hawarden, Iowa

Tyson Rule - 712-422-0344 - tysonrule@hotmail.com

Rob Rule - 712-552-2498 - rulesheep@hotmail.com